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Sales Packet Instructions

Below is a detailed description of how a sales packet is assembled for someone who has called about Comfort Keepers services.  Based on the detail below, ANYONE could assemble a packet if needed.  No need to worry about finding the "MASTER" copy.


Sales Packet Instructions


-It is the responsibility of the Administrative Assistant to ensure we always have at least 15 packets made and ready on the shelf.


When a prospect calls about our services:


  • an informational packet is mailed out the same day.  Any prospect packets in the mail bin after the postman has picked up the day's mail, should be delivered to the post office by the administrative assistant at the end of the day.
  • Folder Left Side (back to front)
  • Folder Right Side (back to front)
    • Testimonial Sheet (yellow sheet - found on shelves in marketing room)
    • Questions to Ask.pdf (brochure found in marketing room)
    • Lifeline Brochure.pdf (brochure found in marketing room - make sure it has our address label on back)
    • MD2 Brochure (brochure found in marketing room - make sure it has our address label on back)
    • Business Card - (insert of individual who took the call)
  • Lay inside the folder the prospective letter written by individual who took the call